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This service is for properties managed by Black Katz only

  • To report new maintenance issues please login to your Property File:
  • If you have a problem with login in please email:
  • For any existing maintenance, please contact your Property Manager directly
  • In the event of an emergency please call our out of hours

  • Week Days from 17.30 pm please find the emergency line through your Proprty File Portal 

  • Weekends please report through your Property File Portal and this will be picked up by one of our out of office operators.

    Please note that an emergency is classed as a fire, flood, gas leak, electrical failure, or boiler break down. If your issue is not classed as an “emergency” you should wait until office hours to report the issue.

    Any false or non-emergency call outs are subject to a call out fee


Black Katz
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Office Hours:

Monday - Friday 10:00am - 5.30pm
Saturdays - Closed
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(Phone lines open Monday to Friday 10am to 5.00pm)

Nearest Tube Stations:

West Hampstead - Jubilee Line

General and out of hours emergency maintenance

This relates to any maintenance issue where by the property could be made to be unsafe or considerable damage may be caused to the property as a result of delay in action – Appliances do not fall under an emergency and you should report this to your Property Manager during business hours.

Any instances of Anti-social behavior (resulting in concerns for safety) or burglary must be reported to the police immediately – A crime reference number will be required for any subsequent insurance claim (in case of burglary).

Please be aware there are some instances where you will be required to notify the relevant authorities as follows:


Gas Leak: If you smell gas you should immediately turn off the gas supply to the property if the meter is accessible. You must contact Transco as soon as possible to report the leak and exit the property until you are advised the issue has been resolved. You should inform the Property Manager of any works carried out or remedial works required the next working day for follow up.

Carbon Monoxide:

If your Carbon Monoxide Alarm goes off you should immediately open the windows in the property to let in fresh air. Exit the property and call Transco to report the issue. If you are experiencing any health issue as a result you should contact either your doctor or the emergency services. Please ensure you notify the Property Manager the next working day.


Loss of Supply: Please initially check the fuse box for the property and ensure that no fuses have been tripped – If the fuse have tripped please try to return them to the “ON” position. Please also check with your neighbours to ensure they are not also experiencing the same issue as this would indicate loss of power to a larger area. Providing the answer to these questions is negative you should contact National Grid Emergency 0800 111 999 to report the fault. You should update your property manager the next working day.


Supply issue: Before contacting Black Katz Emergency line you should first check with Thames Water to ensure there are no scheduled works being carried out to the supply in your area and your neighbours to ensure they are not experiencing the same issue (which would indicate works being carried out). In times of low temperatures during winter months please ensure that your pipes are not frozen as this can also affect the supply.


Immediately shut off water supply using stop cock and immediately advise the emergency line of the issue. You should take steps to reduce the water flow through the property as best as possible using receptacles or towels to catch the leaking water until an engineer attends.

Contact Details


Black Katz takes good Customer Service very seriously. If you have an issue and feel matters are not progressing with the Team then please feel free to email.

Cal McNamara – General  Manager 

Rosie Sparkes – Deputy General Manager and Head of  Maintenance

Molly Sparkes – Senior Portfolio Manager

Alexandra Aldridge - Maintenance Manager

Gemma Love  - Portfolio Manager

Clarry Harris  - Portfolio Manager 

  • Tel: 0207 428 9494
  • Email:

Tehya Muramoto - Maintenance Manager

Dara Madden  -  Finance Manager -  (remote based)

Michelle Vanderhyde - Renewals Manager - (remote based)